MDR Lab incubator showcase event featured in Artificial Lawyer

MDR Lab has been featured in Artificial Lawyer following the recent MDR Lab showcase event.

The event brought together MDR Lab’s network to further explore the value-add of legal technology, with presentations from several of the companies it has supported, including Draftwise, Della, Version Story and Amplifi.

Reflecting on the showcase, Artificial Lawyer’s editorial team described the event as “living proof that incubators work”.

The article states: “It was clear…[that] MDR Lab had made a real and very positive difference” for the many companies that had participated in the incubation and improvement programmes.

It further notes: “[The event provided] a sense of what part an incubator can play in the development of a company, and also how once a startup is up and running how what it provides can then in turn really help the law firm to work better and do more for their clients. It’s a massive win-win.”

See further details in the full piece.