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Next-gen AI for legal professionals.
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Commercial Real Estate Finance Platform
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A platform that helps digitise the way that Warranty and Indemnity (W&I) Insurance is procured in M&A transactions
A financial and risk modelling platform that enables lawyers to model, visualize and evaluate disputes and collect and use data to inform litigation strategy.
A version management tool that powers modern legal collaboration by helping lawyers who work in teams to compare and merge many document versions and organize a document’s history.
An intelligibility tool that helps lawyers objectively assess and simplify the language used in contracts and other legal documents, making it easier for customers and consumers to understand.
Founded in 2020, helps law firms produce higher quality contracts in a fraction of the time and is a knowledge management platform integrated with Microsoft Word that helps lawyers find precedents and language faster and collaborate better using machine learning and data integration.
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Founded in 2018, Jur aims to solve the problem of access to justice with its multi-jurisdictional online dispute resolution platform which enables small and medium enterprises across the world to access a time-efficient dispute resolution method system to resolve issues arising from contracts and business complexities.
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Based in London, Astroscreen was founded in 2018 to protect brands from harmful social media manipulation campaigns – also known as astroturfing.
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Founded in 2016 and backed by HM Land Registry, Hipla’s Home Buyer Passport® is a free to use, evidence based buyer qualification platform that improves transparency and helps make buyers transaction ready. Hipla are also developing a digital ‘Handshake’ – an insurance backed reservation agreement to reduce fall throughs.
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Donna is a Microsoft Word add-in that speeds up and improves the contract drafting process. She will help you find important issues, quickly navigate oceans of text, and understand agreements faster.
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Courtsdesk was founded in 2015. It is a legal intelligence service based in Dublin, Ireland. The firm was named the European legal startup of 2018, and specialises in creating access to previously unavailable court reports and data for corporate and legal analysis.
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Founded in 2016 and based in California, U.S, Index is a sales engagement platform that helps lawyers generate more business by building and maintaining relationships with new and existing clients.
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Founded in 2017, London-based litigation analytics start-up Solomonic launched its first product at the beginning of 2019. Their offering is centred around a simple premise – the right data, rigorously analysed, enhances the quality of decision-making. Their platform helps lawyers not just to predict outcomes but to improve them.
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Founded in September 2017 and based in London, Thirdfort is at concept stage with its product: a web-hosted software platform facilitating exchange of money in property transactions.
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Founded in 2016, Ping is based in the US. Its product, which automates timekeeping for lawyers and provides data analysis for law firms, is at user stage.
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Founded in 2018, London based Orbital Witness is on a mission to automate property due diligence. Their web app makes property transactions radically more efficient and transparent, liberating everyone involved.
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Founded in 2015 and based in Berlin, provide a secure cloud service to automate the negotiation of contract terms, allowing customers to draft, negotiate and sign contracts without redlines or email.
Based in Brooklyn, US, DealWIP was founded in June 2017. It has a user-stage product – an integrated legal workflow tool for transactional lawyers.
Founded in 2016 and based in San Francisco, US, Digitory Legal has a user-stage product: a pricing prediction and management tool for litigators. Using historical data and industry trends, it helps customers understand what legal matters cost and why.
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London-based LawPanel was founded in January 2016. It is at user-stage with its online trademark management platform, designed to allow firms to deliver more of their services online.
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LitiGate was founded in May 2017 and is based in Tel Aviv, Israel. At prototype stage, LitiGate offers an arguments analysis solution for dispute resolution using advanced AI algorithms.
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Everchron is a US-based company founded by former litigators. The company’s collaborative litigation management software puts case critical information and analysis at lawyers’ fingertips.
Founded in 2013, SaltDNA is based in Belfast with 17 staff. Its product is at user stage, and revenue generating. SaltDNA provides a fully enterprise-managed software solution that enables absolute privacy in mobile communications.
Founded in 2015 and based in India with 12 staff, Surukam’s product is at user stage and the company is revenue-generating. It provides artificial intelligence powered solutions for the automation of contract management, with minimal human intervention.


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