Five Access to Justice Start-ups to Watch

Five Access to Justice Start-ups to Watch

Since the start of the COVID pandemic one of the most startling facts is that the rich have gotten richer, while the poor have gotten poorer. Legal services have already been deemed unaffordable by most, but they are arguably more important now than ever. As individuals and small businesses try to navigate the current environment here are five start-ups operating in the Access to Justice (A2J), or JusticeTech, space that we are watching:


Jur aims to solve the problem of access to justice through providing an online dispute resolution platform that is faster and cheaper than the current model of dispute resolution.

Jur is a blockchain-based ecosystem for recording agreements and providing unbiased, swift and affordable resolutions for disputes over any kind and size of agreement on a global scale.


Paladin is a platform for law firms, bar associations, corporates and legal aid organizations to streamline and scale their pro bono programs, serve more low-income individuals and capture key data and impact stories.

Kristen Sonday, co-founder and COO has also been very active in raising awareness about the lack of diversity in legaltech. A reminder that as we continue to build products for diverse communities, the teams that are building them need to be diverse as well

Legaler Aid

Legaler Aid connects litigants in social justice cases with passionate lawyers and the funding they need to navigate an overpriced legal system.

Using crowdfunding, Legaler Aid enables users to donate to cases fighting for social justice. Funds donated to cases will be directed to recovering legal fees, the costs of retaining experts, as well as other associated costs, like filing fees


Athena helps mothers who are struggling to recoup unpaid child support.

Athena is a platform to assist mothers to represent themselves by providing people, income, and asset searches, customized documents that are ready to sign, instructions on how to file, and guidance throughout the process

CourtNav and Flows by RCJ Advice

CourtNav and Flows is a collection of tools by RCJ Advice which enables survivors of domestic abuse to get legal help to protect themselves from abuse, gain court-orders, access legal aid and navigate court-processes, as well as allowing the frontline workers who assist them to be confident using legal remedies.

RCJ Advice’s suite of tools consist of:

CourtNav which collects evidence for a non-molestation order application and links female and male survivors in England and Wales with an accredited domestic abuse legal aid solicitor.

FLOWS (Finding Legal Options for Women Survivors) specifically empowers women survivors to easily find clear information and local legal support via a daily phone and email legal consultancy service as well as offering a secure webchat app that women can use quickly and discreetly in order to access legal advice. The FLOWS Discussion Forum also enables practitioners to share advice with peers via a secure platform.