Above The Law: Automating Billable Hours

How about a sincere “thank you” to our emerging robot helpers, and badass companies like Ping (and its CEO Ryan Alshak) who are training them to make your lawyerly lives better.

Having co-authored the alt.legal column for the past four years, I’ve heard a lot of robot-bashing from Biglaw, and I’m fed up.  First, enough with the “they’re taking our jobs!” For the most part, y’all are doing fine, and we all know you just got sweet, sweet raises. Second, I love my robot helpers, so don’t lump your vitriol with Legal AI in with my Alexa, who is kind, noble and hardworking (you are a very good AI, Alexa)Finally, and I’m honestly asking here, are Biglaw jobs so awesome, that a little robot task acquisition couldn’t be beneficial?

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