A Guide to MDR LAB Office Hours

A Guide to MDR LAB Office Hours

What Are Office Hours?

Office Hours are sessions held by MDR LAB that allow founders (outside of our portfolio) to spend some one-on-one time with members of our LAB team. They are short, 25 minute sessions where founders can sound out ideas, troubleshoot problems and gain feedback.

What We Are Looking For

Office Hours are for Seed to Series A founders located anywhere in the world. We are a legaltech programme so to increase your chance of being selected it would be good to be working on something in this space, that being said we’re an inclusive bunch and if you haven’t had access to feedback we’ll keep that in mind during our selection process. Some sessions may have a specific theme, eg Data & Analytics, so make sure the session you are applying for is relevant to your ask.

What Do Founders Get Out of Office Hours?

If you’re looking for advice on any aspect of your business, we’ll be able to help. If you are interested in applying for the any of the LAB programmes check out our FAQs, this time is to really dive into something you’re stuck on.

How Do I Apply?

Our upcoming sessions are listed on our events page. To apply, click through to the form to answer a short list of questions. You’ll be required to give some basic details of your company, your proposition, upload your deck and give any additional information that will help us when considering your application.

Applications for each Office Hours session close a couple days before the session, we’ll let you know as soon as we can.

Keep Introductions Short and Prioritise What You Want to Discuss

We’ll already have read your application so we’re up to speed on what you do. Think about one or two specific points you want to discuss instead of giving us the broad overview of your business

Most importantly, remember that these are informal chats, hopefully you enjoy it and if there is anything else you can always follow up!